Pilgrims on The Pathway

This work is a scripted performance piece…

This is the poet’s first publication that is scripted in his own hand and it is in keeping with a tradition that began well before the book was published that Claudio offers readings and commentary of the work for any type of gatherings. His storytelling commentary that is woven throughout this spiritually poetic narrative (in his live performances) enriches the listening experience and is appropriate for all venues from Theatre to Church or at Home and even by a bonfire on the farm or in the country.


In 1987 Claudio’s legendary friend Marcel Marceau endorsed the book with the following statement:

Read the philosophy behind the words and its enduring images.
— Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau and Claudio

Marcel Marceau and Claudio


The renowned public theologian, ethicist and author Donald W. Shriver, Jr. (whose most recent book is: “Honest Patriots” ~ Loving A Country Enough To Remember Its Misdeeds) refers to Claudio’s writings in “Pilgrims on The Pathway” in the following words:

Your writings are reminiscent of THE PROPHET and other works by Kahlil Gibran.
— Donald W. Shriver, Jr.


These timeless writings have also been compared to A COURSE IN MIRACLES in their spiritual truths and strengths by a wide variety of the author’s readership and audiences throughout the years and the book and cd continue to draw an enthusiastic public appeal.

Pilgrims on The Pathway in Book and CD

Also in Print & on CD

“Pilgrims on The Pathway” is also available on CD. Individual selections are also available with artistic designs made suitable for framing in the artist’s hand.

Pilgrims on The Pathway Scripted
Claudio Oswald Niedworok | Author, Actor, Narrator, Visual/Graphic Artist, Recording Artist, Performance Artist, Poet, Monologuist
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