Noteworthy Patrons of Claudio’s Literary and Visual Arts

  • Phil Harris and Alice Faye {Phil performed with Bing Crosby for many years and Alice was a famous dancer and actress. Both were also singers and movie stars of considerable renown who derived much of their earlier fame from “The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show” on radio.}
  • Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo {Lead singers for “The Fifth Dimension” and also in Broadway’s “Dreamgirls.”}
  • Marcel Marceau {The world’s greatest pantomime and “Genius of Gesture” who draws much of his inspiration from Charlie Chaplin and The Three Stooges.}
  • Mandy Patinkin {Broadway, Film and Television Actor/Singer}
  • Gordon MacRae {Of the musical “Oklahoma” fame and a lengthy acting and singing career.}
  • Tony Curtis {Famous for many film roles but particularly for the movie: “Some Like it Hot!” with Jack Lemon and Marilyn Monroe. He remains on tour with the staged production of it.}
  • Tim Curry {Famous for “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and an extensive acting career.}
  • Terrence Mann {Broadway’s “Beauty and the Beast,” “Sweeney Todd” and a host of other accomplishments.}
  • Theodore Bikel {Broadway’s original “Fiddler on the Roof” and a major star of stage and screen.}
  • Kathryn Crosby {Author; and the wife of Bing Crosby – who also performed with him.}
  • Ray Bradbury {Famed fantasy and science fiction author who wrote the screenplay to John Huston’s “Moby Dick.”}
  • Doris Lessing {Internationally renowned author of many books.}
  • Pat Cadigan {Science Fiction author.}
  • Robert Pinsky {U.S. Poet Laureate}
  • Sam Ragan {U.S. Poet Laureate}
  • Dr. Myles (& Leslie) Martel {U.S. & International Presidential & Corporate Executive Communications Counsel and Author of many books on the subject of Public and Media related Communication Skills who also wrote the foreword to Claudio’s maritime chapbook (and Theatrical Stage Production chronicling the suspense and romance of the sea)}
  • Mayor Avery Upchurch of Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Mayor Charles Wood of Lizard Lick, North Carolina
  • Senator William B. Mills
  • Yacht Captain Don Punkka
  • Dr. Donald W. Shriver Jr. & Mrs. Peggy Leu Shriver {He: President Emeritus of Union Theological Seminary / She: Retired National Council of Churches Executive and Noted Poet.}
  • Greg B. Shriver {Renowned audio engineer and production designer.}
  • Buck Ram and The Buck Ram Platters
  • Rush {Canadian rock band.}
  • Garth Brooks {Famous Country and Western / and Contemporary Singer / Balladeer}
  • “King Obstinate” {Famed Calypsonian: Paul Richards}
  • Nat Blake {Famous Virgin Islands pianist, singer, comedian, entertainer.}
  • Gene Slone {Guitarist/Composer with Chet Atkins who wrote the hit: “Cascades”}
  • Mike Cross {Highly popular and quite famous North Carolina folk singer and musician.}
  • George Hawkins Jr. {Bass player for “Fleetwood Mac.”}
  • Johnny Mathis {Internationally famous romantic singer and balladeer.}
  • Joan Baez {Folk singer, balladeer, musician; played at “Woodstock” with Bob Dylan.}
  • Melissa Manchester {Lyricist, singer & songwriter; Her fame lies more in the contemporary music scene.}
  • Peter Nero {Famed pianist and accompanist to great talents. Particularly noted for playing film scores.}
  • Carol Sloane {Internationally renowned for her very jazz influenced vocals. She was a frequent performer at Raleigh’s “Frog and Nightgown” for those of us who may recall.}
  • Karen Akers {Known for her very sultry voice and cabaret and jazz influences.}
  • Ira David Wood III {A local celebrity actor/director noted for his annual production of “A Christmas Carol” and his Theatre in The Park productions.}
  • John McIlwee {Director of N.C. State University’s Stewart and Thompson Theatres. Highly regarded for his costume designs and acting skills. Also particularly noted for his annual medieval festivals.}
  • Scotty Jones Cherryholmes {Graphic Designer, Actor, Playwright}
  • Curtis Ingram {of American Music Museum, Inc.}
  • Bill Benton {of the Bill Benton Show on WSCQ-FM radio in Columbia, South Carolina.}
  • Monica Lucas {The Fascinating Owner / Trainer of Spa Mode ~ Everyday Life Training ~ A Popular Wellness And Health Training Facility in San Diego, California. She frequently exhibits Claudio’s Art and website as well as his writings and recordings in her company media and newsletter.}
  • Daniel Gallant {Illustrator and Designer}
  • Michael Brian Spainhour and his Donnaha Station Band / he is being hailed as the world’s new Jimi Hendrix on Electric Guitar and his performances are astounding, both as a solo act or with the band. We have had the great pleasure of performing together whenever I am MC for their annual ROCKFEST and on my radio show.
  • Clay McClinton {Singer-songwriter}
  • Delbert McClinton {Singer-songwriter}
My favourite patron Mama ... and meMy favourite patron Mama … and me

Billy Davis, Marilyn McCoo and ClaudioBilly Davis, Marilyn McCoo and Claudio on the set of “Dreamgirls”

Phil Harris and Claudio aboard the La Costa Brava off Peter IslandPhil Harris and Claudio aboard the La Costa Brava off Peter Island

Dr. Myles and Leslie MartelDr. Myles and Leslie Martel

Mayors and ClaudioMayor Avery Upchurch of Raleigh, N.C. with the Mayor Charles Wood of Lizard Lick and The International Poet & Master Storyteller Claudio

King Obstinate and The Poet Claudio in St. ThomasKing Obstinate and The Poet Claudio in St. Thomas

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