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Greetings and Welcome to my new ARTIST’S CANVAS for all the best of my MULTI-DISCIPLINARY CREATIONS past, present and on into the future. I am making use of this ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT MEDIUM WEBSITE as my means for PUBLISHING AND EXHIBITING MY MANY, AS YET, UNPUBLISHED WRITINGS and presenting a wide variety of DISCIPLINES, MEDIUMS AND GENRES in so doing. It is also A VEHICLE FOR ALL OF MY OTHER ARTISTIC ENDEAVOUR as all of the links will indicate and provide. From my PAINTINGS AND GRAPHIC ARTS and ACTING IN MOVIES to all of my RECORDINGS AND ALBUMS past, present and future, as well as my AUDIO BOOKS AND PERFORMANCES WITH RENOWNED AND TALENTED ARTISTS AND SYMPHONIES. Also not least for MY OWN FILMS AND ONGOING VISUAL PERFORMANCE ARTS. In this LAVISH BUFFET OF THE CREATIVE you are sure to find something to enjoy and follow AS THE CANVAS FOR IT ALL CONTINUES TO EVOLVE. Please consider this site MY OWN, FAMILY FRIENDLY, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION in all I do from a very seasoned, adventurous, and well travelled perspective in life and art…and enjoy the ride.


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Claudio Oswald Niedworok | Author, Actor, Narrator, Visual/Graphic Artist, Recording Artist, Performance Artist, Poet, Monologuist
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