Claudio’s Poetry for Lyrics

The Artist CLAUDIO

Professional Narrator with Symphonies and Orchestras, Voice Talent, Actor, Multi-Disciplinary Performance Artist, Recording Artist, Master Storyteller and Poet, Published Author.

With an extensive history as Stage Manager to the Stars in Theatrical Venues and on Film CLAUDIO is a true and accomplished original in all he does. As a Writer and Composer of Lyrics to accommodate Musical Productions of most any Creative Disciplines and Genres CLAUDIO brings the additional element of expertise to the table as both a Consultant for the Entertainment Event or an Interpretive Performer in it. As a seasoned and celebrated artist CLAUDIO has a keen sense for performing anything he writes/creates and understands music, and keeping in step with it, innately and intimately even without being a musician himself. These qualifications, along with being a hail fellow well met, have made room for him in Rock n’ Roll Productions or on Stage and Film and in Recording Studios all the while endearing him to all with whom he shares the stage. Contact him now for any of your Creative and Artistic needs.

Poetry for Lyrics

Once the poetry has been selected for a certain piece of music CLAUDIO will build the lyric to correspond with the melody and rhythm for the singer or performance artist.

Mud In Your Eye
Down Karma Road
Dark Wave
Dakangala Among The Legions

Indiscretions of Infidelity
Ravages Unseen
Seagulls Waitin’ For A Train
Silences Unbroken
What The Matter Is

Claudio Oswald Niedworok | Author, Actor, Narrator, Visual/Graphic Artist, Recording Artist, Performance Artist, Poet, Monologuist
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